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SAFFRON Order bond - Safran de Val

ORDER BOND (french)

(download and print for orders)



Saffron is presented as dry Fila in small bottles packaged in 0, 5 g, 1 g, or more according orders.


Each bottle is with using advices and recipes.


Know that saffron keeps 3 to 5 years after date of harvesting so long you maintain it under cover light and humidity.



Photos of products:


Bottle of safran de Val Safran de Val

Bottle of Saffron 1gr ou 0,5gr



Giftwrapped parcel Safran de Val








Bulbs are generally on sale from June each year but it is advisable to join us by phone or mail several weeks before…

It is more certain!

Sold of bulbs is with a planting note.



Wine saffron jelly - Safran de val

Wine saffron jelly, 100g pot, prepared with wine Chenin de Touraine grape variety, to be served with foie gras toasts, goat cheese, white meat or to coat a fruit tart or vineyard pie.


My places of sold :


- La Grange Aux Délices

To buy Safran de Val on-line :


- Producer shop « La Charrette »

104, avenue de la République 37170 Chambray les Tours

Tél :


- Domaine de Noiré, Production Wine of Chinon

160, rue de l’olive 37500 Chinon

Tél :


- Biological Farm du Pin

Biological beefs and lambs


- Bed and Breakfast "La Croix Rouge"

Lydie Martin

02 47 50 55 62


- Bed and Breakfast "PontPrieur"

Evelyne Verrine

22, rue du Prieuré 37220 Parçay Sur Vienne (


You can come and meet me during following events:


- « Journées Patrimoine et Gourmandises »

Castle of Gizeux 37

2nd week-end of September


- « Fête du Safran de Preuilly/Claise »

Salle des Fêtes de Preuilly/Claise 37

3rd Saturday of February


- « les Nocturnes du Cardinal »

Night Market of Richelieu 37120

1st Friday of August


- Advent’s Market

From 9h to 18h Covered Market’s room Azay le Rideau 37

Saturday November 24th 2012