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A farming of precision for stigma with delicate fragrances in a sophisticated cooking with ruddy complexion

Dare saffron in your dishes and you’ll be attracted by this warm spice, offering you at the same time, color, suave flagrance and unique flavour.



infusion de safran

In order to best cook your dish colored with saffron, I recommend you to make first an herb tea of saffron.


Saffron needs few hours to free itself in an herb tea made with water, milk, crème fraîche, mustard and alcohol.


Make your dish, then at the end of the cooking, mix again this herb tea. Saffron doesn’t like neither long cooking nor boiling.



Saffron goes as well with sweet and salt dishes and you can respect following amounts:

- Salt dishes : 4-5 fila / plate.

- Sweet dishes : 2-3 fila/ plate.


Usually, you need only one tenth of gram to bring out dishes, but give free rein to your imagination, try yourself experience according to your tastes, you won’t be disappointed !



Ideas of recipes



Ingrédients :

1 short crust

200 g of fresh salmon

150g of smoked salmon in little dices

200 ml of crème fraîche

150ml of milk

3 eggs

salt, pepper

30 fila of saffron

Quiche au saumon safran


Quiche au saumon safran

download in pdf (french)



The evening before, put saffron on to infuse in crème fraîche.

Prepare short cuts. Make lightly fresh salmon cooking in the water, let it cool down a bit, and then mash it with a fork. Break eggs and whisk them with salt and pepper, and then introduce crème fraîche, dices of smoked salmon, milk and crumbled salmon. Pour this preparation on the short cuts first precooked.




Ingrédients :

12 scallops,

1 soup spoon of minced shallot,

1 glass of water,

1 glass of white wine,

1 soup spoon of lemon juice ,

30 g of grated gruyere,

1 soup spoon of butter,

1 soup spoon of crème fraîche,

1 teaspoon of flour, salt and water,

20 fila of saffron.

Coquille St Jacques au Safran

download in pdf (french)



Put saffron on to infuse in crème fraîche the day before, in a cool place.

Make scallops cooking ovenproof 5 min. Put fleshes in a saucepan with water, shallots, white wine, salt and pepper ; make cooking during 10 min. Strain and fill shells. Keep hot.

Make sauce reducing. Mix separately flour and butter out of fire. Introduce this mixing in sauce and add cream with saffron. Top shells and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Brown on high heat.




For 6 to 8 people

Ingrédients :

1 l to 1 l and half of half-skimmed milk

4 eggs yolks

6 soup spoons of sugar

2 great soup spoons of flour,

1 packet of vanilla sugar,

0.10 g of saffron that is to say about 45 Fila.


crême aux oeufs safranée

download in pdf (french)


The day before take the equivalent of one cup of tea and let covered saffron infuse in a cool place.

Make cooking gently 1 l of milk. In a container, break eggs and take yolks, mix with sugar then flour and vanilla sugar. When milk is hot, pour a little milk on preparation as one goes along out of fire and mix well. When preparation is fluid, pour rest of milk of sauce hand and put again on fire gently. Add milk according consistency wanted. When cream is ready, add saffron milk and mix few minutes on fire without boiling then pour in a salad bowl and reserve before to put in a cool place.




For 4 to 6 people

Ingrédients :

1 guinea-fowl cut in pieces ,

10 cl of chicken’s stock,

40 g of butter,

10 cl of crème fraiche,

Some blades of chives,

2 shallots,

salt, pepper,

20 à 30 fila of saffron.

Pintade en sauce safranée

download in pdf (french)


Let saffron infuse in crème fraîche some hours before.

Make pieces of guinea-fowls browning in a casserole dish, put salt and pepper in. Add minced shallots then let cook during 2 mn. Pour stock cover and let them cook about 20 mn on middle heat. In end of cooking, add crème fraîche with saffron, mix sauce well and sprinkled with chiseled chive.




For 6 to 8 people

Ingrédients :

800g of prawns cooked, shelled and cut in pieces

1 pinch of salt if necessary et 1 pinch for the crumble,

1 pinch of black pepper ground,

1 little pinch of nutmeg,

2 pinches of garlic semolina,

200g of mussels shelled,

3 soaps spoons of flour,

100g of butter,

4 fila of saffron /people.

Crumble aux crevettes et Safran de val

download in pdf (french)


- The day before, prepare herb tea of saffron in 2-3 soaps spoons of light crème fraîche.

- Let macerate prawns and mussels one night with a soap spoon of crème fraîche.

- The day, add 1 egg yolk to the 2 spoons of crème fraîche and mix well.

- Prepare the crumble of flour, butter, salt.

- Put ingredients in ramekins or shells, top with sauce then with crumble.

Put it on to cook at 150 °- 180 ° few minutes keeping an eye on.

Taste it hot.



- ZABAGLIONE with saffron

For 10 people

Ingrédients :

6 eggs yolks,

200 ml of aroma of fish

50 g of runny cream

Saffron (2 to 3 fila by plate)

Sabayon au Safran de val

download in pdf (french)


The day before, make saffron infuse in runny cream,

In a high-sided frying pan, collect eggs yolk and aroma of fish. Heat gradually while whisking. When zabaglione becomes frothy and firm enough take it out of fire.

Beat cream with saffron and introduce it in cool down zabaglione.

Rich in liquid, this zabaglione will froth and become light. Low-fat in whipped cream, it becomes runny so take care of not putting too much because it will be runnier.

Used to accompany fishes