Over Centuries




The Word « saffron » should come from arabo-persan za’faran, “filament” coming itself from assfar, “yellow”.


The word “crocus” should come from Greek krokos, “hair”, “filament”, allusion to appearance of stigma cut fringe-shaped



Fresque orientale

"Minoan fresco of Knossos (Crete)

showing a man Picking flowers of saffron"



Saffron is one of the oldest spices whose appearance should go back to more than 4000years before JC.


It should come from Middle-East. Egyptians and Hebrews used it as herb and coloring then Greeks and Romans let its using out to cooking, medicine, dye…


In the XIIIth Century, saffron should have appeared in France, with coming back of Crusades


Some pieces of writing coming from Ronsard or Rabelais should reveal presence of saffron in our region.



“The more we trample some flower of saffron, the more it is flourishing, so greatness of France: the more we trample it, the more it is growing.”